Singapore, Indonesia to discuss airspace management, military training [ 3m ago ]

Malaysian students to be evacuated from Pekanbaru, Jambi tomorrow

JAKARTA, Sept 24 -- Malaysian students in Pekanbaru and Jambi, are scheduled to be evacuated out of the province tomorrow.

Lower API readings at monitoring stations - DOE

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 24 -- The Air Pollutant Index (API) readings at the Department of Environment’s (DOE) air quality monitoring stations have dropped and the situation in haze-affected areas has improved since 11 am today compared to yesterday.

Haze: 306 Malaysian students evacuated from Pekanbaru, Jambi - NADMA

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 24 -- Three hundred and six Malaysian students in Pekanbaru and Jambi, Indonesia will be evacuated after the Indonesian government declared an emergency in Riau due to haze, said the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA).

Haze: fishermen in Kelantan advised to be careful

Fishermen in Kelantan have been advised to stay alert whenever they go out to sea during the current haze, as it can reduce visibility.

Haze: only 14 areas record unhealthy reading at noon

Air quality throughout the country improved at noon when the air pollutant index (API) reading continued to decline with only 14 areas recording unhealthy API compared with 25 areas at 7 am this morning.

Riau declares haze emergency as API exceeds 500

By Mohd Shukri Ishak

JAKARTA, Sept 24 -- A haze emergency has been declared for Riau province as the Air Pollutant Index (API) exceeded the 500 mark.

Haze emergency: Malaysian students in Pekanbaru, Jambi evacuated

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 24 -- About 280 Malaysian students in Pekanbaru and Jambi, Indonesia, will be evacuated after a state of emergency was declared in Riau due to the haze, said the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA).